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I wish there were more healthy food late night places to eat. Like why isn’t Subway open when I get out of my evening job? That would make me so much happier.

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Well it’s been awhile… Super busy lately working two jobs and trying to keep sane. Feeling some insomnia right now though so here I am to pointlessly reblog for awhile.



Mercedes Benz G63 AMG | photographer

Goal by summer 2015

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Preparing to work two jobs starting next week because things are tight. Life is crazy but I can deal with it right?


petition for the next companion to not be a white girl in her 20s who crushes on the Doctor 

This person has obviously not seen all of the companions? Martha? Not white. Donna? Not 20. Amy Pond? Not really crushing in that way… Yeah, failure.

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Matte G

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